Article 1. General provisions

Contests and competitions posted on the website or on the Erasmus+ Facebook page (or through other online channels such as YouTube or Twitter) are organised by Altissia International S.A., whose registered office is at Place de l’Université, 16 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, BCE BE0876.816.058, hereinafter referred to as ‘the Company’ or ‘the Organiser’.

These regulations shall apply to all contests and competitions organised by the Company, but may, where necessary, be supplemented by specific published regulations relating to particular competitions. Where the specific regulations and the general regulations are incompatible, the rules enacted in the specific regulations shall prevail over the provisions of the general regulations.

Entry to contests and competitions organised by the Company shall imply unconditional adherence to the present regulations.

Competitions will commence on XXX 2016. They will continue for an indefinite period, but winners will be designated each month. The aim of the competitions is to reward the most frequent users of the Erasmus + OLS platform.

Two types of competition are organised:

  • OLS participation competitions’, open to all those learning through the OLS course who have recorded more than ‘X’ hours of learning for the past month on the course platform, the value of ‘X’ being defined in each competition announcement (email and public website);
  • media competitions’, open only to those learning through the OLS course who have completed more than ‘X’ hours of learning in the past month on the OLS platform, the value of ‘X’ being defined in each competition announcement (email and public website); the underlying idea for these competitions is a photo or video challenge based on a subject chosen by the Company; the frequency of these competitions and other entry requirements may also be defined in each competition announcement.

Article 2. Conditions for entry

Entry to competitions shall be made solely via the internet.

Any person aged 18 or over who participates in the European Union’s mobility programme and uses the ERASMUS+ OLS course platform may enter an online competition organised by the Company, except for persons working for the Company (employees or sub-contractors), persons working at the European Commission and any members of advertising agencies involved in organising the competition.

Minors may enter an online competition only with the express consent of one of their parents or tutors. If a minor enters a competition, the Company will presume that he or she has been given permission to do so by his or her parents/tutors. If a minor is unable to provide proof of such permission where he or she is requested to do so by the Company, he or she will be immediately prohibited from entering the competition and/or from claiming a prize,

Access to competitions shall be automatic for anyone who has connected for a sufficient number of hours for entry to a certain type of competition without the need for specific registration. Such entrants will receive an email allowing them to enter. They will have to complete a form and answer questions or respond to challenges(s) set in the competition to make their entry effective.

The prize shall be specified in the specific regulations for each competition.

Prizes may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • For OLS participation competitions:
    • discount vouchers to a value of €50 for a European flight,
    • discount vouchers to a value of €50 valid in certain online stores,
    • cultural passports with an approximate value of €50 for a large European city,
    • theatre or concert tickets with an approximate value of €50 for a large European city, or
    • the ‘Erasmus+ OLS mobility’ kit, comprising a backpack, a Thermos flask, a note pad and a translator pen (subject to availability).
  • For media competitions:
    • First prize: a Eurail train pass, valid in European zones of your choice, up to a value of €550,
    • Second prize: a discount voucher to a value of €250 for a European flight,
    • Third prize: a discount voucher to a value of €200 valid in certain online stores.

Prizes may under no circumstances be replaced or exchanged for cash. Entry to competitions shall be absolutely free and shall imply full acceptance of the present regulations and of any subsequent amendments which may be necessary. Entrants shall be notified of such changes to the extent possible. No compensation may be claimed from the Organiser.

Each entrant may submit only one entry form in the course of the duration of a competition.

Any entrant who incorrectly completes the entry form, submits more than one form or infringes the competition regulations shall be disqualified automatically.

Forms will be considered only if they are received within the time-limit set for the running of the contest in question and/or indicated in the specific regulations applicable to the relevant competition.

Article 3. Running of the competition and prizes

The prize(s) will be awarded to entrants at the end of the period during which the competition is held.

For OLS participation competitions:

To be declared a winner, the entrant must have validly completed his or her entry form and correctly answered the question(s) asked. If more than one entrant has given a valid answer to the question(s) asked, the winner shall be drawn at random by a Belgian judicial enforcement officer. The draw shall take place within two weeks of the closure of each competition, unless this is not possible on grounds notified to entrants.

For media competitions:

To be declared a winner, the entrant must have validly completed his or her entry form, responded to the challenge set by posting a photo or a video on the dedicated webpage and have been shortlisted by the judging panel composed of representatives of the Company selected for that purpose. The judging panel will shortlist 20 entrants based on criteria such as originality and criteria defined for each competition. The European Commission will decide on three final winners from the shortlist of 20.

Entrants must be able at any time to provide proof of their identity so that the Company is able to monitor and penalise any infringement of the regulations. No complaints against the random draw or the final choice by the judging panel and/or by the Commission will be considered.

Each winner will be personally notified by email, at the email address previously communicated by the entrant on his or her entry form, within 15 days of the Commission’s deliberation or the random draw. Competition winners also agree for their names to appear on the Erasmus+ Facebook page and in Erasmus+ OLS monthly newsletters. In the event that the email address is not valid and the winner does not reply to the email from the Company within 30 days of receipt, the Company reserves the right to award the prize to another winner.

If prizes are not sent by courier or by mail, they must be collected at the address specified in the email sent to the winner within 30 days (of the date of the email). However, that period will be extended, within reasonable limits, following a written request by the winner. The Company shall not be liable for losses, delays or damage caused to prizes which are attributable to the postal service. Registered mail or mail sent by courier which is not collected within the prescribed time limit will not be returned or reimbursed. All complaints relating to unreceived, damaged or incorrect prizes must be received in writing by the Company no later than 90 days after the date on which the prize in question was awarded.

The Company reserves the right at any time to cancel or change the prize for a competition, for reasons of production, content, safety or on any other reasonable ground.

Prizes may under no circumstances be exchanged for cash or for another prize and shall not provide any entitlement to a reduction or discount voucher. Entitlement to the prize shall not be transferable to third parties.

Competitions organised by the Company shall be placed under the supervision of a judging panel composed of representatives selected by the Company’s Management Committee. Decisions by the judging panel thus selected shall be final and not subject to appeal. The judging panel shall, at its discretion, resolve cases which may not be covered by the present regulations. Any complaint relating to the present regulations must be sent to the Company by registered mail.

Article 4. Liability

The Company reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, temporarily or permanently to disqualify from the competition any person or group of persons who do not comply with the present regulations or whose behaviour jeopardises the smooth running of competitions, in particular if it appears that fraud has taken place in any form with regard to competition entries. Any fraud, cheating or manipulation or any attempt at or suspicion of fraud, cheating or manipulation shall result in immediate and definitive disqualification from the competition.

The Company reserves the right to curtail, postpone, modify, extend, suspend or cancel all or part of the competition or the present regulations, without prior notice, if so required by particular circumstances (fraud, hacking etc.) or in cases of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.

The Company may not be held liable for direct or indirect damage, whatever the cause, resulting from inter alia (i) a fault affecting the internet network or the computer of an entrant or of any person or company connected with the organisation of the competition, or any other problem connected with telecommunications networks, online computers, servers, internet service providers or computer hardware or software, (ii) access to the competition website or the inaccessibility of that website, or (iii) use of that website, including any breakdown or virus which might infect the entrant’s computer hardware or any other property.

The Company may not be held liable for technical problems arising in connection with online entry or for the total or partial destruction of the entry form by any other unforeseen event. The Organiser may under no circumstances be held liable in the event of incorrect input of personal data by the entrant.

The Company disclaims all liability in the event that the prize cannot be delivered to the winning entrant where the entrant has provided inadequate, incomplete or incorrect contact details.

Under no circumstances may the Company be held liable for any costs or damages arising following the award of different prizes or for defects or faults in those prizes.

If the Company has to postpone, cancel or suspend the competition for reasons outside of its control, it shall not assume any liability, whatever the nature.

Competitions shall be organised by the Company on the basis of a platform resulting from collaboration between the Company and the European Commission. Certain representatives of the European Commission shall also be included in the final judging panel for media competitions. However, the Company has sole responsibility for running competitions and opinions expressed in connection with competitions in no way represent any official position on the part of the European Commission.

Article 5. Personal data

Each entrant shall be informed that personal data may be collected when he or she enters a competition. Personal data collected during the competition will be recorded in an electronic database (databank, archive, etc.) owned by the Company, which is the sole data owner and party responsible for processing. That data shall be used in accordance with principles relating to protection of privacy, protection of personal data and other relevant rules in force.

Possible processing operations to which such data may be subject are: collection, recording, conservation, and use based on automated and computerised methods.

Each entrant shall, at any time, have a right to access, correct or delete his or her personal data which he or she may exercise simply by making a request to the Company at the following address: Place de l’Université, 16 1648 Louvain-la-Neuve.

Article 6. Miscellaneous provisions

The present regulations have been drawn up by the Company and shall be governed by Belgian law. In the event of a dispute, the Tribunal de commerce du Brabant Wallon (Commercial Court, Walloon Brabant) shall have sole jurisdiction.

These regulations are also held by:

  • the judicial enforcement officer, who is responsible for the random draw and for declaring winners of OLS participation competitions;
  • the European Commission, which is responsible for selecting winners of media competitions.